Academic Program Reviews

Outside Class

During the 2009-2010 academic year, our office conducted a thorough examination of the program review process, soliciting feedback from the Provost’s Office, Deans, Department Chairs, Institute Directors, internal reviewers, and others familiar with the process. As part of our examination, we also benchmarked the program review process at other institutions. Our goal was to improve the program review process to better meet the objectives of the University’s senior leadership and to ensure the most productive use of time for those involved with the process.  Based on the examination and process improvements, the program review policy, procedures, and schedule were revised. In addition, new tools were developed to assist units throughout the process. Please contact Andrea Swanagan, Strategic Planning Program Director, with any questions you have related to the program review process. Andrea can be reached by telephone at (574) 631-2490 or by email at