OSPIR is available to assist Notre Dame’s campus leaders with their strategic planning and institutional research needs. Below are some examples of the services we have provided to campus in the past.  If you have any questions about how we might be able to help, please call us at (574) 631-1097.

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions for units
  • Offer guidance in developing and analyzing performance metrics and indicators of progress
  • Lead cross-functional teams on special projects
  • Staff major university planning initiatives
  • Prepare a common strategic plan template for use by all colleges, schools, and divisions and collect annual updates
  • Serve as a central repository of strategic plans for colleges, schools, and divisions

Administrative Unit Reviews

  • Guide design and execution of review process
  • Serve as liaison between key parties involved in process (e.g., unit, dean, and provost)
  • Assist with development of self-study
  • Prepare schedule for external advisors’ campus visit
  • Coordinate with external advisors on visit schedule and follow up report
  • Facilitate action planning and monitoring of implementation
  • Develop and maintain schedule of reviews over seven-year cycle

Institutional Data

Our data expertise is in the areas of faculty, student, and course data, with emerging expertise in research

  • Prepare University’s corporate data for external reporting (e.g., IPEDS, US News)
  • Develop user self-service reports for 24/7 access to data
  • Obtain comparative data
  • Prepare data analysis for University-wide metrics and indicators of progress
  • Perform advanced statistical analysis

Survey Program & Services

  • Administer Notre Dame’s institutional surveys, including national consortia instruments
  • Disseminate institutional survey data within policy guidelines
  • Assist campus clients with survey development, administration, and analysis
  • Provide and manage survey population samples and timeline for approved projects

Course Instructor Feedback (CIF)

  • Serve as a liaison between the Provost’s Office, academic department leaders, and the Registrar’s Office to ensure the appropriate courses are selected for evaluation
  • Communicate with students, deans, and faculty about the administration of CIFs
  • Partner with the Provost’s Office and OIT to deliver timely, accurate, and user-friendly faculty reports