College, School, and Division Strategic Planning

The colleges, schools, and divisions update their unit-level strategic plans on a 5-10 year cycle.  OSPIR recommends units use a similar template for their plans so that information and goals can be shared more easily across colleges, schools, and divisions.  To learn more, visit the University's Strategic Plan website as well as the specific sections dedicated to the college, school, and division plans.  If you have questions about college, school, or division plans, please contact Lissa Bill at (574) 631-4060 or

How we can help

We look forward to assisting your college, school, or division with the development and monitoring of a strategic plan. In the past, divisions have used our services in a variety of ways.  Some examples of what OSPIR has done for units:

  • facilitate half-day planning sessions
  • collaborate during the course of a year with a planning team
  • provide consultation on the development of a specific component of a unit's plan
  • serve as a central repository of the college, school, and division plans across the University.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your unit’s planning process. In order to provide some consistency for plans at the University, we would encourage you to utilize or adapt the common template used by colleges, schools, and divisions. Please contact Lissa Bill at (574) 631-4060 or to schedule a discussion about your planning process.